Sunday, May 30, 2010

a strange encounter

While in Tucson Arizona while finishing breakfast on 22nd street I was approached by "James". James wanted a dollar for food. I offered James money for a couple of pictures. I had my nikon FM with motor drive loaded with expired Fuji film and was ready to go.
I asked James to pose in front of a vivid colored building. I fired one shot, then other. Then suddenly James exclaimed, " no more pictures". "You paid for 2".
"OK" I replied. that was it. I was not going to press for more images. I walked back to my Venture van.
James then followed me and asked "give me $4 for the 4 taco meal".
"Sorry", I replied as I drove off.
I thought later, James has no teeth.
03-17-10 Nikon fm 9 "James"
"James" in Tucson Arizona.

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