Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happy birthday, Donny

hass 07-31-10 007
"Donny" viet nam vet 1965. today, July 29 is Donny's 71st birthday. Hasselblad, tri-x400 F76 developer @ 20 degrees C.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Daniel from tolleson, Az.

07-22-10 mamiya rz67016 "full load recycler"
Daniel, Arizona native formal Tolleson native. living on the streets since the 80's.
Recycles materials from the Arizona streets for income. Listened to a long story on Daniel's trip ending up in San Diego after selling his vehicle after a dui conviction. Daniel's transportation weights in at 165 lbs today.
Mamiya RZ67, Kodak Porta NC 800 film.

Stormy hanging out in the 51 underpass. Phoenix

07-22-10 14 "life in an Arizona underpass"
Met Stormy homeless from upper New York State hanging out under the 51 underpass in Phoenix. Avocates homeless camping in the U.S. Stormy claims he testified in Washington D.C. on homeless laws. This former cook and vietnam vet has lived on the street since 1984. Nikon F100, nikkor 35-70 f3.5 with expired fuji s400 film. Flash fill with nikon SB-80dx.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Looking for work in Phoenix

07-10-10 hass097 "unemployed, looking for work."
Met this gentleman at the post office while mailing a package. Out of work, but willing to wash car windows for a buck.
Looking for work in Phoenix. Took a $400 loan out on his vehicle to pay rent. Does not know how he is going to pay it back. Hasselblad with vivitar 285HV flash fill.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ernesto, Phoenix native at Overpass

Exiting at 24th street in Phoenix. Ernesto saw me photographing fish art on overpass and asked for a handout. Traded $$ for Image. Very hot today 110 degrees plus. Good luck Ernesto, original Phoenix native. Homeless?
07-14-10 mamiya 67110 "handouts please, Ernesto"

Hotel Jack in the Box

07-14-10 mamiya 67104 "hotel Jack in Box"
110 degrees out today. Driving down Camelback Rd and spotted this man sleeping on the concrete at Jack in the Box. I assume he is homeless in Arizona. Mamiya RZ67 metered prism finder. Kodak tri-x 120 film developed in clayton F76 6.25 mins at 20 degrees C. self developed.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


06-18-10 hass042 "strawberries"
Homeless woman in Phoenix outside of closed Food City market. In her left hand is fresh strawberries. Right hand holds a couple of dollars provided by a passing photographer. Cheryl is sitting on all her belongings. Born in 1968, Cheryl repeated all her family's names and birthdates. This woman has mental problems and should not be on the street. Phoenix temp rises over 100 degrees in the shade today.
Hasselblad 501C, 80mm F2.8 zeiss lens. Ilford film HP5 processed in clayton 76 developer at 7 minutes, 20 degrees C. Neat Image filtered.
This is the second image of this fine woman on my blog.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Homeless in Arizona "the recycler"

07-03-10 11 "the Recycler'
Do not know much about this hard working gentleman. He searches the streets south of the airport looking for recycle goods. I have run across him several times. I do not know if he is homeless or not. 111 degrees today.
Image captured with Fuji S400 expired film. Nikon F prism finder apollo model. Metered by Minolta IV light/flash meter.
07-03-10 10

Saturday, July 3, 2010

"Liberty" Homeless in Arizona

Liberty is homeless. Met this handicapped women at QT store/gas station in Phoenix next to the I17 freeway. She shares a "camp" with her husband. They are both unemployed and she struggles with crohn's disease and other health problems. It is hot today. 110 degrees. This is a night shot, no flash. Hasselblad with Illford HP5 film shot at 1/30 second handheld at F2.8. 80mm Zeiss lens. 120 film developed in F76 developer 7 mins.
07-02-10 hass056 " Liberty, Homeless"
Crohn's disease - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Crohn's disease (also known as granulomatous, and colitis) is an inflammatory disease of the intestines that may affect any part of the gastrointestinal ...