Wednesday, January 26, 2011


01-21-11 007 "Ed"
Ed the second view. Paid this gentleman for a couple of shots. This is the second. Ed noticed my sekonic light meter around my neck and assumed it was a voice recorder. I usually take 2 photos with a different viewpoint, and Ed limited my shots to 2. A very suspicious subject that made me uneasy. Mamiya ProSD with TMAX film developed with clayton F76+ 20C


11-22-10 hass004 "Vic"
Vic has incredible green eyes that pierce right thru you. Met Vic on the streets in north Phoenix. He was hanging out near a local liquor store. Gave Vic a couple of dollars for this image.
Vic drinks "Earthquake" a 12% fortified alcohol beverage. I provided one for him.
A nice gentleman if he likes you. Look out, if he doesnt.
11-22-10 hass005 "Vic strikes a pose" homeless in Arizona

Italian Bakery

11-24-10 hass017
Met this young man walking west on mcdowell with his belongings and blankets. I asked him if I could trade him a few dollars to appear in my photo of the Italian bakery sign. I then provided him with a soda and a couple of bakery items. He was a man of few words. He left heading west on Mcdowell road. Hasselblad with 400TX film. Sekonic light meter.


01-13-11 11-22-10 hass012
Mikey is from the Delaware, Washington area. I had a few brief moments with him in a seedy part of west Phoenix. He was making his way south towards baseline and 24th street. He appeared frustrated. His bike was sitting on top of his trailer. It is connected in this photo.
I traded a couple of dollars for this image.
When asked if he needed anything, food or drink he answered,"I would like a soda and a smoke". I purchased cigarettes, bugler, a liter of coke and a couple of candy bars (payday,snicker). I returned and took 2 more photos.
11-22-10 hass012 "Mikey"

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dennis. Burton Barr Library Phoenix, Arizona

12-09-10 hass014  Dennis
homeless in arizona. former transmission r&r auto tech. Burton Barr Library in background. He is naming himself santa claus today. It is December 2010.


12-16-10 RB003 "John"
John was hit crossing the street in Phoenix. He is homeless in Arizona. He still owes the hospital $10,000 for his injuries. Insurance paid a $200,000 medical bill. John has a $120,000 judgment against the driver of the jeep that ran him down. The driver left the scene but was found later.
His lawyer tells John he can't help him, the lady moved to Las Vegas.
John ended up in Phoenix with his family. They traveled from the east coast and worked the fields to survive. Somedays the family worked all day and only ended up with $10 pay.
John picked onions as a child with his family. John loves to eat onions to this day.
I met this fine homeless man today. He just was released from jail for trespassing. John thanks me for the money I traded for these images. He is hanging out with William today.
The money will buy him a beer.

William on the streets of Phoenix

12-16-10 RB005 "William"
William, Willie is on the streets of phoenix today.
Willie is covered in tattos. Somedays he removes his shirt and paces up and down the sidewalk attracting attention. He shouts at passing vehicles.
John (see next photo) tells me William has been on the streets a long time. He has mental issues.
Phoenix fire department races to a call in background

"Raymond" cuban boxer

12-20-10 DSC_0020 "Raymond" cuban boxer
Raymond arrived in the USA in 1980 as a young man. He is now homeless in Arizona. Raymond is a god fearing man. He also abuses alcohol to faze out his everyday issues. He was intoxicated when I asked him for these poses. 2 shots on B&W with my hassablad and 2 shots in color with my nikon. I wish him luck.
The Mariel boatlift was a mass exodus of Cubans who departed from Cuba's Mariel Harbor for the United States between April 15 and October 31, 1980.

The event was precipitated by a sharp downturn in the Cuban economy which led to internal tensions on the island and a bid by up to 10,000 Cubans to gain asylum in the Peruvian embassy.

The Cuban government subsequently announced that anyone who wanted to leave could do so, and an exodus by boat started shortly afterward. The exodus was organized by Cuban-Americans with the agreement of Cuban president Fidel Castro. The exodus started to have negative political implications for U.S. president Jimmy Carter when it was discovered that a number of the exiles had been released from Cuban jails and mental health facilities. America had been tricked into receiving Cuba's undesirables. Castro publicly stated "I have flushed the toilets of Cuba on the United States".[1]
Raymond now homeless and an alcohol abuser came to the US from Cuba in 1980.
The Mariel boatlift was ended by mutual agreement between the two governments involved in October 1980. By that point, as many as 125,000 Cubans had made the journey to Florida. WIKIPEDIA

Holleywood Squares, Ken Young

12-26-10 DSC_0063  "Hollywood Squares" Yuma, Arizona
Ken Young homeless in Arizona, Yuma. Lived in San Diego, California on Jackson street now in Yuma. Refuses my cash for photo. Claims he was a contestant on Hollywood Squares.
Update. I was contacted by Ken Young's mother and sister. They informed me that Ken is now deceased.
He had mental illness and had left his home state for adventure. I do not know any details.


01-04-11 hass008 "Steve"
Steve has bad knees and will have the VA perform surgery. They will provide rehab for one year after operations. Very kind gentleman with hazel eyes. Living on the streets today. Hasselblad, clayton F76+ developer Kodak TMAX film


01-04-11 hass010 "Ron"
I was only allowed one shot for a small donation. Ron says he panhandles and collects scrap to survive. I see Ron now and again pushing his cart down McDowell rd in Phoenix. Seems too intelligent to be in this situation. Hasselblad image.

Bible Mike. Homeless in Arizona

01-21-11009 "Mike" aka Bible Mike homeless in Phoenix
A second photo of Bible Mike. Ran into Mike while exiting a local mexican food establishment. Mikes says in 2 months he will have housing he will pay for with social security. $299 will get him into a cheap studio apartment. Mamiya Pro SD 6x7. TMAX kodak film developed in clayton F76+ 8 mins @ 20C.

On the steets of Phoenix. Ed with Micky beer.

01-21-11006 "Ed"
Ed says if he finds out I make money on his photo he will deal with me. Overall a nice guy. But this photo still makes me uneasy. Paid a few dollars for 2 shots.


01-23-11 01-21-11003
this unnamed gentleman battles with alcohol and man. He has fresh head wounds. I cannot get his name, but he agreed to this image. Captured on TMAX film. Mamiya proSD. Developed with clayton F76+ liquid 1:9 @ 20C. This is a crop.

Greg panhandling on the streets of Phoenix, Van Buren

01-24-11 02
Greg has been on this corner for 7 years. He receives donations from people that are coming and going in this parking lot. This is a business for him. It works. Greg has high blood pressure and is diabetic. He sleeps in a friends carport at night. I traded a little cash for this photo of Greg and his unnamed friend. Nikon F5 with illford film. Developed with clayton F76+ @20C. God Bless.