Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Homeless Photography in Phoenix cont.

This is an interesting photo of "Bible Mike" in Phoenix. traded a bonus jack combo for this interesting shot. nikon f5 nikon 35-70 lens. Ilford HP400 film. you can see the photographer(me)and subject "bible mike" in the shadows.
b w 12 bible mike
Robert in Phoenix (Van Buren)
04-17-10 DSC_0039 homeless in Phoenix Van Buren
04-17-10 DSC_"Robert homeless in Phoenix"
I offered Robert some money and took his photo while he ran to my van. I asked Robert if I could take his photo. He pulled back his hair. Robert still has his dignity. I spoke to Robert. He replied. Robert was educated. He had perfect control of his language. What led him to the street?

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