Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Greg Garcia Homeless

10-01-11 has008 "greg"
greg garcia suffers from an arm wound.
10 days ago a truck carrying rebar in 14 foot sections lost a part of the load while running a red light.
a 14 foot section pierced mr. garcia's left arm.
the fire department cut the rebar on both ends for hospital transport.
the rebar was removed in surgery the next morning at 4 am. greg spent 9 days in the hospital.
the truck driver was never found.
a few months back greg was struck by an unknown vehicle while crossing the street in a crosswalk.
he is still recovering from that incident.
tmax film asa 400 f8 @ 125th second. developed with illford dd-x.

"Joe" out of work construction worker

10-03-11 pol001 "joe"
fuji fp3000-b instant film
robert 55 years old recently homeless. van buren street phoenix.
501c hasselblad kodak 400 tmax developed with illford dd-x.
f8 @ 125th second zeiss 80mm lens
10-01-11 has012 "robert"

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


01-21-11 007 "Ed"
Ed the second view. Paid this gentleman for a couple of shots. This is the second. Ed noticed my sekonic light meter around my neck and assumed it was a voice recorder. I usually take 2 photos with a different viewpoint, and Ed limited my shots to 2. A very suspicious subject that made me uneasy. Mamiya ProSD with TMAX film developed with clayton F76+ 20C


11-22-10 hass004 "Vic"
Vic has incredible green eyes that pierce right thru you. Met Vic on the streets in north Phoenix. He was hanging out near a local liquor store. Gave Vic a couple of dollars for this image.
Vic drinks "Earthquake" a 12% fortified alcohol beverage. I provided one for him.
A nice gentleman if he likes you. Look out, if he doesnt.
11-22-10 hass005 "Vic strikes a pose" homeless in Arizona

Italian Bakery

11-24-10 hass017
Met this young man walking west on mcdowell with his belongings and blankets. I asked him if I could trade him a few dollars to appear in my photo of the Italian bakery sign. I then provided him with a soda and a couple of bakery items. He was a man of few words. He left heading west on Mcdowell road. Hasselblad with 400TX film. Sekonic light meter.


01-13-11 11-22-10 hass012
Mikey is from the Delaware, Washington area. I had a few brief moments with him in a seedy part of west Phoenix. He was making his way south towards baseline and 24th street. He appeared frustrated. His bike was sitting on top of his trailer. It is connected in this photo.
I traded a couple of dollars for this image.
When asked if he needed anything, food or drink he answered,"I would like a soda and a smoke". I purchased cigarettes, bugler, a liter of coke and a couple of candy bars (payday,snicker). I returned and took 2 more photos.
11-22-10 hass012 "Mikey"