Friday, May 28, 2010

My Homeless Photography in Arizona

Arizona homeless are all over. I have been documenting interesting homeless I have run into while doing my normal driving chores in Phoenix and the surrounding areas.
I am using both film and digital. I prefer film. Nikon is my camera of choice. I have a nice supply of expired fuji film purchased on craigslist and dept store closeouts. I process the film at a local cvs lab. I then scan with a vintage canoscan scanner.
If you use a local drugstore lab try out different locations because quality varies greatly. I have found a couple that work great for me. 35 mm and digital cameras allow me to capture and compose images fast without making a production of my activities. I do not like to stand out in the crowd while photographing.
In the past I photographed weddings and I liked to work fast without being noticed. I use this approach to record images on the street.
I currently use a 35-105mm nikkor lens for most shots. It allows me to compose and frame the subject fast. This is an older push pull nikkor F3.5-4.5. This is not an auto focus lens. I prefocus the lens before I frame the subject. My films are asa 200 and 400. My digital cameras are set at the same iso as the film cameras. I use nikon F with prism finder, nikon F5 and nikon F3HP. My digital cameras are a Nikon D1 which gives me beautiful images. I also use a nikon D200 and D70s.

03-17-10 Nikon fm 5 "Daniel"
Daniel in Tucson,Arizona

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