Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Greg Garcia Homeless

10-01-11 has008 "greg"
greg garcia suffers from an arm wound.
10 days ago a truck carrying rebar in 14 foot sections lost a part of the load while running a red light.
a 14 foot section pierced mr. garcia's left arm.
the fire department cut the rebar on both ends for hospital transport.
the rebar was removed in surgery the next morning at 4 am. greg spent 9 days in the hospital.
the truck driver was never found.
a few months back greg was struck by an unknown vehicle while crossing the street in a crosswalk.
he is still recovering from that incident.
tmax film asa 400 f8 @ 125th second. developed with illford dd-x.

"Joe" out of work construction worker

10-03-11 pol001 "joe"
fuji fp3000-b instant film
robert 55 years old recently homeless. van buren street phoenix.
501c hasselblad kodak 400 tmax developed with illford dd-x.
f8 @ 125th second zeiss 80mm lens
10-01-11 has012 "robert"