Tuesday, January 25, 2011


12-16-10 RB003 "John"
John was hit crossing the street in Phoenix. He is homeless in Arizona. He still owes the hospital $10,000 for his injuries. Insurance paid a $200,000 medical bill. John has a $120,000 judgment against the driver of the jeep that ran him down. The driver left the scene but was found later.
His lawyer tells John he can't help him, the lady moved to Las Vegas.
John ended up in Phoenix with his family. They traveled from the east coast and worked the fields to survive. Somedays the family worked all day and only ended up with $10 pay.
John picked onions as a child with his family. John loves to eat onions to this day.
I met this fine homeless man today. He just was released from jail for trespassing. John thanks me for the money I traded for these images. He is hanging out with William today.
The money will buy him a beer.

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